Everyone has a story that could change the world...

Or at least your business, family or community. Problem is, story-making is complex and multiple gateways stand between your story and your audience. It can be frustrating to get your message heard.

Our coaching can open the gateways to your audience

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  • By applying principles of power that can irresistibly engage your audience.
  • By understanding the predictable ways audiences respond to different kinds of stories.
  • By helping create a character-centered story with strong and focused action.
  • By staying attuned to your audience and their needs.
  • By keeping you in the driver's seat. We honor your story and your goals. We listen.
  • We work with authors, screenwriters, businesses, speakers, playwrights, arts organizations and storytellers.


What our clients have to say


"When we worked with Wendy Gourley, we were totally blown away with her knowledge, perspective and recommendations. She helped us achieve epiphany breakthroughs that neither of us could see. Her work completely transformed our story."

David Covey, CEO of SMCOV and co-author of Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success



"My co-author, David Huchens, and I engaged Wendy to review the manuscript for our business fable, A Slice of Trust: The Leadership Secret with the Hot and Fruity Filling. Even though we had extensive knowledge with organizational fables and best selling business books, the thorough review we received from her took a very good manuscript from good to great. If you have a narrative text that needs to be at its best, don't hesitate or waste time fiddling with the manuscript. Call on the experts and let their skills shine!"

Barry Rellaford, president, Great Work Worldwide, co-founder and master facilitator FranklinCovey Trust Practice


Wendy was the Production Dramaturg for Utah Valley University's production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. Her writing, research, editing and educational outreach for the show won two fellowships to the Kennedy Center. A dramaturg is like an art curator for plays and part of their work is to help the audience make meaningful connections to the ideas presented in the play--skills that inform Wendy's coaching of other writers.

"Wendy is the most innovative, informed, driven and thorough dramaturg I have worked with. She was able to link our production to the potential audience in a very compelling way by straddling the gap between the language and content appropriate for practitioners and content interesting to a wider audience--literally drawing the audience into the world we created."

Dr. Lisa Hall Hagen, director of Eurydice and UVU Theatre Department Chair

"Wendy's combination of clear, articulate text mixed with engaging images made the study guides she edited exemplary. Wendy's creative and inventive approaches have set a new standard for the production dramaturgy for our mainstage shows and her influence will be felt in the department for years to come."

Dr. John Newman, director of UVU's Noorda Regional Theatre

Wendy has coached and/or written for the following organizations: