Letters to Myself


I just met with David Tinney and Rob Moffat from the UVU Theatre Department and they've asked me to help them put together a new show for them to tour next Spring. I'm very excited to be working with these two talented guys. But here's where you come in...

Letters to Myself

 If you could say one thing to your 17 year old self, what would it be?

The UVU Department of Theatrical Arts is gathering letters from people world-wide to be made into a play called Letters to Myself. The Black Box Repertoire Company will tour the show to area middle schools and high schools during the Spring 2014 term. We want to hear from you! 

What makes a good letter?

  • Confronting an honest, real-life issue that you feel passionate about
  • The use of story
  • Strong emotional content:  anger, laughter, despair, surprise
  • A moment of clarity or hope
  • A time when you were proven wrong or your world just got bigger

Be sure to include your contact info, if you want us to let you know if we use your letter.

How do you submit a letter?

Come share your wisdom, your folly, your story...