Remembering Syd

I facilitate a column in The Storytelling Magazine called Remembered Voices. It’s a place where our community of storytellers can honor those who have passed on but who have left an indelible mark on our world. I’ve been doing this for years and many people have been remembered in the column — many I didn’t know — a handful I knew a little or may have been well acquainted with their work. Regardless, it’s been rewarding work.

Syd Lieberman died this year.  And for the first time, I wanted to say something in the column. I didn’t — I left that to those who knew him better, but I had the chance to talk about Syd for a few moments last weekend as I emceed an evening concert at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and it did my heart good. 

I had met Syd on a number of occasions, but we did not know each other well. But I was deeply affected by his work. Syd’s body of work is astounding and you can listen to all of it online for free at I am inspired by so much it, but more than that, I am inspired by how he lived.

I’ve been to years of storytelling workshops and conferences. I’ve read stacks of storytelling books and articles, but the best piece of storytelling advice I ever heard, came from Syd. He simply said, “If you want to be an interesting storyteller… live an interesting life.” Syd lived by those words and now I’m trying to live up to them.

Thank you Syd! You live on so beautifully in your stories and in the personal and professional legacy you left behind!