Life is Good - Day Four

The courtyard at the Casa Colonial is full of statues--most of them symbolic of Catholicism, Day of the Dead or native beliefs. This statue of Mary is my favorite. There are similar ones of Mary, most are laden down with more figures such as the angels you see here down her sides. They have children and other figures all down the front as well.

Besides the angels, this Mary has no other figures or children on her because this is the Mary de la Soledad or Our Lady of Solitude and represents Mary at the time of the crucifixion. When I learned this I felt an affinity with this childless mother and bonded with her, as my daughter Olive has been gone for so much of the past six months.

There were other figures of Mary de la Solidad all over the place, each one different, but all with the same features: a crown, holding flowers, no child and a triangular shape.

Life is Good because we have solidarity in our sorrows. Mary is just one of many women I have run into on my journey who have similar experiences and who welcome me in and comfort me--hopefully we comfort each other.

Life is also good because today I got my own day of solitude. While others went on a tour, I stayed behind in the garden to write and be quiet. It was wonderful. Solitude evokes sorrow, but also can evoke peace and centeredness. My day had both.

And like the angels flanking Mary, we are never truly alone in our solitude.