Life is Good - Day One

I spent last week in Oaxaca, Mexico on a storytelling retreat led by Jim May. The last six months have been so intense with my daughter Olive's struggle with depression that I almost didn't go. Things were crazy leading right up to my departure, but my wonderful husband encouraged me to go, so I took a deep breath and went...

I had two goals for the week: 1) To be present with the experience and recenter myself so I can come home and continue to help Olive and 2) To take a picture of something each day that reminds me that life is good and to journal about it. I decided to post my seven "Life is Good" moments:

As we were flying into Oaxaca, the evening sun set the clouds ablaze. It made me wonder how this sunset looked from below, as most of the color seemed to float on top. I wondered if this bank of clouds were grey and gloomy below.

Life is Good because just when we think we can’t take another grey and gloomy day, God shows us another perspective. It doesn’t change the fact that we have another gloomy day to get through, but that the day can be can also be so much more. Paradoxically*, it can also be a day of great beauty.

*Jim says the theme for the week is Paradox