Life is Good - Day Three

Today we visited Monte Alban, an archeology site of the Zapotec people. It is similar to those I’ve seen at Chichen Itza and Tulum--beautifully laid out to align with the cardinal directions and the movements of the stars.

I was so grateful to be able to see this magnificent place and just as grateful when a thunderstorm rolled into the middle of our very hot and sunny day. I often don’t feel well when I'm out in the heat and I had been worried the day would be too hot for me to enjoy.

The Zapotecs centered their whole existence and city around balance and reverence to nature as they understood it. The tender mercy of rain today is a part of that balance, for new growth and life always follows even the driest and harshest of seasons. The more I trust in those cycles, the more I believe that Life is Good and I feel inspired to find balance in my life to the best of my understanding.