Set from the 2013 production at the Noorda Children's Theatre

Set from the 2013 production at the Noorda Children's Theatre

Making Mochi on the Moon

With Motoko Dworkin

Miko is caught between her father's Japanese ways and the American culture she knows and loves. Following Pearl Harbor, she is ripped from both worlds when she is sent to the Topaz Relocation Center. Miko and her new friend Betty are caught in the forces that swirl around them as they struggle to find a place to stand.

  • Semi-finalist at Write Now, 2015 (formally the National Bondsman Symposium)
  • National finalist at PLAYground: A Festival of Fresh Works, at Northwestern University, 2014
  • Semi-finalist at New Plays for Young Audiences, NYU 2014
  • A tour of readings as part of A Voice From the Dust produced by the Orem Public Library and the Utah Humanities Book Festival,  Sept 16 - 20, 2013 with special guest artist Motoko
  • One Act excerpt, regional finalist in Ten Minute Play Festival, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, 2012
  • Excerpt published in Touchstone , winner of Drama Award, Fall 2011



Commissioned by Drake University

What messages do the media and society send about the value and purpose of a human being? What parts of those messages seep into our skin without us being even aware? Messages juxtaposes those messages and images with true stories of dating violence for a stark look at how we view ourselvers and others.

  • Presented at the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Conference, March 22-24, 2017
  • Produced at Drake University Spring 2015 and 2016



Letters to Myself

With Dave Tinney and Rob Moffat

If you could say one thing to your 17 year old self, what would it be? We asked this question and got letters from all over the United States that became the foundation for this new work. Featuring original songs by Dave Tinney and Rob Moffat. It explores the follies, pain and surprises of growing up.

  • Toured with Utah Valley University's Black Box Repertory Company, Spring 2014 and 2015

The Story Stone

The Story Stone calls to all of us, but who will stop to listen? Two teens from warring tribes heed the call and find that they must work together to access the magic of the stone. Their journey teaches them the key to healing the conflict between their people. Will you come, and stop, and listen?

  • Produced at the Draper Historical Theatre, Jan 2015
  • Produced at The Noorda Regional Children's Theatre, Sept 26 -Oct 5, 2013
  • Semi-finalist, National Bonderman Symposium, 2011
  • Excerpt published in Touchstones , winner of Drama Award, Spring 2011




 Click on image for production packet

Click on image for production packet

 Click on image to view KCACTF award-winning packet

Click on image to view KCACTF award-winning packet

The Milk Dragon

By Suzan Zeder

  • Production dramaturg, Noorda Theatre, Spring 2015
  • New play dramaturg helping Suzan Zeder develop her never produced piece, 2013-2015.



By Sarah Ruhl

  • Production Dramaturg, Utah Valley University, Oct - Nov 2011; Directed by Lisa Hall Hagen
  • LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Fellowship, national finalist, 2012
  • Fellowship to the National New Play Dramaturgy Intensive, Kennedy Center, 2012
  • LMDA/ATHE Emerging Dramaturg Award, 2012
  • KCACTF Regional Program Note "Sarah Ruhl: A Distance From Normal." 
  • Dramaturgy packet used at McLennan Theatre in Waco, TX, April, 2013
 2013 production at Growing Stage

2013 production at Growing Stage

With Two Wings

By Anne Negri

  • Assistant New Play Dramaturg, National Bonderman Symposium, 2011; with Dramaturg Judy Matetzschk-Campbell