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Adjunct Professor and Guest Lecturer

Utah Arts Council Teaching Artist, Workshop Facilitator,


Featured Workshops and Residencies:

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 Click on image for a packet of teacher storytelling resources

Click on image for a packet of teacher storytelling resources

Revealing the Wolf: The Hidden Symbols and Meanings in Fairy Tales

Participants: Adults, Middle and High School Students.

Every story has an agenda - it’s a reflection of the teller and the times in which they lived. Fairy tales have been handed down for hundreds of years because they hold hidden messages for us - warnings, directions and advice for our lives. Yet they have gone through tremendous changes through the years. Who told them? Who changed them and why? What do they reveal about the societies in which they were told? What do they have to say about who we are today?

Think you know these old tales? Think again! Revealing the Wolf looks under Granny’s glasses and nightcap to find the wild and woolly truths about fairy tales.



The Story Lab

Participants: Adults, Writing Groups, Secondary School English and Writing Classes, Teacher Inservice.

The Story Lab looks at the molecular level of stories. Using the metaphor of crystals, we look at the nature, number and distribution of the parts of a story. How do they align and why do they work? This workshop is based on the Katherine J. Farmer Story Cone Model and the upcoming book, Cracking the Story Code. Like peering through a microscope, this innovative character-based model will change the way you look at story.


Other Workshops:

  • Stories in the Classroom: Building Student Tellers

  • Storytelling: Full STEAM Ahead in the Classroom   Storytelling is not the what to teach, it’s the how to teach. This workshop arms you with one of the most powerful, yet underutilized teaching tools there is. Participants will learn the basics of how to tell a story and, more importantly, how to apply story to your curriculum in effective, purposeful and easy ways. Let storytelling be the STEAM to power your classroom.

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll: Incorporating Music into Storytelling
  • The Complete Story: Turning Personal Anecdote into Story Using the Story Cone Model
  • A variety of teaching artist residencies that use theatre and storytelling to teach writing skills - custom fit to support your curriculum